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Dear Friends,


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Back in Panamá and we’re visiting churches and old friends in ministry. In 2000 we helped start Catedral de Vida children’s church with Abilio and Lidia. She is the one standing off to the left in the throwback photo. We trust you can see Celina up front and Chloe in the back. You can imagine how rewarding for us to see them still active and the ministry continuing. The Sunday we visited they were packing sack lunches for the traditional end of summer trip to the park. Schools here begin first of March.


Setting up house continues slow but sure. A little over a week ago we got Internet and air conditioning installed. That sure got a “Hallelujah!” out of us.


I am sure that “Hallelujahs” were heard in heaven during the Ngobe Indian Family Conference for the 120+ new believers baptized. Thanks for praying for revival. It was! Talking with Pastor Roy Rhodes (his amazing team from Abundant Life Community Church in Alton IL always does a fabulous job), we agreed this year had to be the largest attendance to date—well over 5000.


Speaking of visiting, over spring break week Chloe & Tony visited Celina at Pepperdine. Snow and ice of Springfield MO were a distant memory as they climbed to the iconic cross vista of the campus, Malibu and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


On our bookmark prayer card for 2004 we included Kiwi, the family cat. She generated more letters and emails, especially from kids groups at churches. With that in mind, let us introduce Monroe, Gracie’s twice-rescued cat. If you want to hear the story, you’ll have to write


Upcoming ministry opportunities: Yvonne is going with the leadership team to see property and progress of a foster home for special needs children. Kirk will meet with national kids ministry leaders who are eager to learn best practices in reaching children and training other leaders. We also ask your prayers for favor this week as we submit our missionary visa application along with the dozens of supporting documents, letters, certificates, apostilles, and translations to the Panamanian Immigration Department.


During morning devotions and prompted by a sermon podcast, the Lord pointed me toward Psalm 46:10, the serene verse, “Be still and know that I am God” (ESV). The NASB version on my phone, however, reads “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” The verse context is in the midst of battle. Panamá City traffic can feel like a war zone. Unexpected twists in immigration processing feels like an ambush. Whatever the conflict that you and I are facing today, let’s stop striving, trust and rest in God knowing that He will be exalted among all peoples on earth! Thank you for your support, prayers and finances.




Kirk & Yvonne


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