Panama flag golden tree frog

Her flag and her frog


and Her Canal

We live in Panamá City, but have had the opportunity to visit all nine provinces--from the Costa Rican border (west) to the Darién jungle on the Colombian border (east). (Panamá map)

The Panamá Canal (pictured at Miraflores locks) is one of many wonders--both man-made and God-given--that Panamá has to offer.

kybridge.jpg The Bridge of the America's (at right) is another of the man-made marvels for which Panamá is famous. It provides a visual backdrop to the country's slogan:

Bridge of the world, Heart of the Universe
Puente del mundo, Corazón del Universo

Panamá's natural beauty can be seen in the rain forest , the golden tree frog unique to Panamá, and the intricate hand-stitched artistry of the Kuna Indians called "mola" .

The true beauty and genius of Panamá is found in her people. If you were to take the I-5 freeway way south, ferrying from Baja California, Mexico over to the mainland, and kept driving until you could drive no further, you just might find yourself next to these three guys . The Inter-American Highway runs through Panamá, and stops. You could maybe get through the Darién jungle into Colombia if you had a super rugged four-wheel-drive vehicle, and had the guts to face the bandits, and now the rebels or paramilitary from Colombia.

pollera.jpg Once you are back in the city, be sure to take in a performance of typical Panamanian dance. I think you'll be amazed at the elegance of the pollera, the typical national dress. This picture was taken at the ruins of old Panamá, which was destroyed by the dreaded Pirate Morgan hundreds of years ago. These dress ensembles and accompanying jewelry and accesories can easily cost over $3000 per outfit!

The majority of Panamanians live in the three largest cities--Panamá City, Colón, David. While it's not the most popular sport, a pick-up game of soccer in the streets is a common sight. Baseball is the most popular sport, and basketball is very popular in the cities.

Here is a wave sample of pure Panamanian typical music, by our friend and brother in Christ, Eric Cedeño, entitled Alabanza Panameña (Panamanian Worship) .

I hope you have appreciated a bit of the rural culture of Panamá, but don't forget that Panamá City ranks among the finest in the American continents. In the Banking District of Panamá City are over 125 international banks. As you can see in this city-scape, Panamá City boasts many high-rises as well. One of the advantages to living in tall apartment buildings is added security from robbery and vandalism. There are NO earthquakes in Panamá. There were several tremblors, however, that registered in the first few months of 2000. Also, the higher up you go, the more breeze you feel. In the sweltering tropical heat, that can be worth more than the ocean view!

Panamá enjoys a cosmopolitan flavor and a high degree of racial harmony. If there is any discrimination, it would be against the indigenous indian groups. The ethnic melting pot includes:

It's a privilege to us to be able to serve in this country. Come and visit and we'll show you all that Panamá has to offer!

Assemblies of God in Panamá 40th Anniversary Historical Review in English and Español.