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Dear Friends,


Wintry weather and warm-hearted greetings in Jesus!


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Since we are living in the midwest for this itineration, we are learning to cope with winter weather. I really should remove the weather widget off my computer desktop that keeps reminding me the temperature in Panamá is still a balmy 90 degrees. We have been below freezing with snow the past few weeks. I got to buy my first snow shovel & use it! Weather certainly impacts travel during itineration a little more than it did for our evangelistic crusades in Panamá.


Itineration ministry is clearly different from what we do as missionaries on the field. Recently Yvonne has been able to travel with me more than usual. We have thoroughly enjoyed services with new and supporting churches and appointments meeting with pastors either for the first time or keeping in touch with longterm friends. Each person we meet is different with unique gifts and calling that all work together for the building of the Kingdom of God. It is amazing to appreciate the multi-faceted nature of the Church, the Body of Christ. Even better, we rejoice knowing that He made each of us an integral part of His Body (Col. 2:19).


Another benefit of being in the US for itineration ministry is we can participate with other dedicated kids ministry workers in training and inspirational events. SoCal Kids Director Robin Garvin invited dozens of us kids ministry leaders to teach worshops at the PowerUp Conference. Over 500 kids workers, leaders and teachers were motivated in the morning session by Robin’s husband Glenn Garvin and in the afternoon by Heaven is For Real authors Todd & Sonia Burpo. How gratifying to see that ministry with children is rising to the forefront in many churches, ministry networks and language districts. I did my particular workshop twice—first in English then in Spanish, for the 80-100 hermanos y hermanas (brothers & sisters).


Another huge plus during itineration is the opportunity to share in the lives of children and encourage them to consider God’s call to future missionary service. Please pray for us this weekend as we minister at the Windsor campus for the Missions Celebration of Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO.


As always, feel free to call or write for a coffee appointment, a Window on the World, or a full missionary service, if we are not yet scheduled. See our contact info below.


Last month we sent a yearend Thank You letter to our financial supporters. If you contributed toward our ministry but did not receive a letter, please let us know. In this year’s letter we expressed our thanks to the “stars” of the show who make our ministry possible. I’ll close here with the same scripture:


Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies.

And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever.

(Daniel 12:3, The Message)


Thank you for partnering with us putting kids in Panamá on the path to life in Jesus. We are…


Kirk for all


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