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Dear Friends,


Greetings in Jesus!


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Allow us to wish you “Merry Christmas” a little early and “Happy Thanksgiving” a little late!


Thanks for praying for the KidsQuest Crusade that we held in Villa Grecia, outskirts of Panama City. We had these three tireless helpers setting up, so we rewarded them each with a “Gloves of Love” bag that includes a baseball with Scripture verses on it and the mitt you see them wearing. It’s a ministry that contacted us out of the blue and offered to bless Panama’s kids since they heard they like to play baseball here. You can see a short video clip on YouTube.


Another ministry event last month was the annual Holy Spirit and Family conference hosted by Casa de Oración Cristiana (Christian House of Prayer). Children’s Pastor Fernando Viques invited Kirk to minister one night and our KidsQuest team ministered the following night. (Kirk and Yvonne are pictured here with Fernando and his wife Ariadne).


A unique ministry opportunity presented itself to our small group last month--sharing a meal with the seniors at the Brown House. It’s an old folks home for about a dozen seasoned citizens, ranging in age from Miss Daisy at 100 on down to "youngster" George Jr. (60s) here talking with Yvonne. He’s called “Jr.” since he’s younger than the other George (85). Yvonne and Anthony on guitar led in singing hymns and Kirk shared a Christmas devotional. Everybody enjoyed lunch and especially cake and ice cream for dessert.


In addition to our monthly seminar for children’s ministries leaders, we also held a teacher training seminar for a brand new children’s ministry beginning at the church of pastor-presbyter Luis De Los Santos. José Santamaría is a young man we first met at the Guaymí Family Retreat. He hasn’t yet graduated high school, but even though he’s young, he is spear-heading his church’s children’s ministries.


We thank God that He continues to call and prepare workers like Jose to reach children, the most receptive people group in the world!


We have mentioned how much Chloe loves being an R.A. Here you see her smack dab in the middle of a group photo with girls from her floor at Evangel University. I know she would appreciate your prayers to help her become the nurse God wants her to be.


At the basketball awards banquet, Anthony was recognized as the most disciplined player. They asked him after one particular game, “How’d you score 20 points?” The coach loved his answer: “Just did what the coaches told me.”


The family gave Anthony a battery-powered shirt when he turned 18 last month. Now he gets his cedula ID card, which is a big deal. It means he is officially an adult in Panamá.


We had a unique couple of weeks last month where all three of our kids were on a school volleyball team. Here you see Celina and the other sub-18 girl just before their one-day tournament. She has been learning computer graphic design at school. She put her talents to great use by designing our Christmas picture postcard. Not only did she save me time, but she did a better job! The hardcopy print version will be mailed next week. You can see the pdf version on our Newsletters page.


Last issue we mentioned how Gracie’s basketball coach admired her determination and hustle. As a result she received “The Eagle Award” (school mascot is “The Eagles”) seen here. She is also rehearsing several times a week as part of the youth dance team for the Christmas Cantata.


We thank you for praying with us for:

   * Training leaders to reach children and teach children to reach their friends.

   * Christmas KidsQuest Crusade this Saturday in Antón, central zone.

   * Kirk injured his knee a few months back playing basketball. This month he will have outpatient arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus.

   * Last issue we reported our work fund was right at $0--last month it stayed just barely in the black at $9.38. Better than $0! Our prayer is for God’s abundant provision on all His people to build His kingdom. That includes you and includes us.


Thank you to those who give sacrificially and pray consistently lifting us up before the throne of grace. May God multiply His blessings on you for it!


We’ll close with a not-so-famous part of the Christmas story that caught my attention this week--John the Baptist’s birth announcement by the angel Gabriel. Note when the Spirit filled him and for what purpose!


“...You’re going to leap like a gazelle for joy, and not only you--many will delight in his birth.

He’ll achieve great stature with God. He’ll drink neither wine nor beer.

He’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit from the moment he leaves his mother’s womb.

He will turn many sons and daughters of Israel back to their God.

He will herald God’s arrival in the style and strength of Elijah,

soften the hearts of parents to children,

and kindle devout understanding among hardened skeptics--

he’ll get the people ready for God.”


Luke 1.14-17, The Message

Yours for Them,


Kirk for all