> newsletters e-Mailer for 11/05


Dear Friends,


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Thanks for praying for the Leaders Seminar in Santiago last month. We had a good turnout of very dedicated teachers and leaders as you can see here who want to accomplish more in their classes and small groups.


We presented our 2005 Annual Report for MININFAD (that’s the abbreviation for Children’s Ministries Assemblies of God) in writing and at the monthly minister’s meeting. Click on whichever of the following you’d like to read: (English MS-Word / English pdf / Spanish MS-Word / Spanish pdf).


Our latest newsletter is available online. Let me know if would like to receive the print version mailed to you. Or, if you prefer only the online version, let me know that too. Thanks.


I invite you to visit our recently updated media page where you can see movies of the Rio Sereno KidsQuest Crusade and of Anthony's 13th birthday party with the family. The big bash with his friends is tonight--all night. That’s why I’m hiding out in the office trying to finish this e-Mailer (not really). We'd appreciate your prayers.


We also ask your prayers for these upcoming events:

* KidsQuest Crusade in red zone district of Samaria 11-13 Nov.

* KidsQuest Lite mini Crusade 26 Nov in Guadalupe, San Miguelito.

* Stadium Crusade for Christmas in the San Miguelito soccer stadium on 10 Dec.


November is the patriotic month here in Panamá, which means lots of official holidays for independence from Spain and from Colombia and the shout that started it all (kind of like the “shot heard round the world” in American history).


Well, one more day off from school was announced for Monday 7 Nov due to Pres. Bush’s first ever visit to Panamá. He will actually visit a war memorial site just up the road from Anthony, Celina and Gracie’s school. No, no chance of us seeing him. Security is already tightening up in all those neighborhoods, because there are threats of disturbances to call attention to one political group or another.


Chloe played the part of “Renfield” in the Balboa Academy Drama Department play “Dracula.” Just in case you’re wondering…she is *supposed* to look like a crazy person.


Celina is taking art classes again, and loving it, to say the least. Lately her work has been with chalk and pastels. She’s added a few more to her art gallery collection.


Gracie dressed up for the Harvest Festival in her Spiderman mask and huge Hulk hands that thunder and roar when clapped together. I guess she couldn’t decide on just one.


Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. Carry the light-giving Message into the night

Philippians 2:15, The Message


Perhaps in this issue my words of “Thanks” I always include here can be expressed best through a family anecdote. One of our friends called this week and told Yvonne something Gracie said in a missions class. They are YWAM missionaries and presented a vivid drama on the hardships of sharing the Gospel in some parts of the world. She asked the class what it meant and Gracie responded that when we tell somebody about Jesus and they knock us down we should just get back up and keep on telling them. She was touched by Gracie’s insight and thoughtfulness and wanted us to know. That made us feel real good, as you can imagine.


Well, I say all that to say this: I hope our notes and newsletters are like that call to say how much what you do means and how we appreciate your thoughtfulness on our behalf. God’s richest blessings.

Yours for Them,


Kirk for all