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Dear Friends,


Mango madness greetings from Panamá. Before your mouth starts watering, these mangos are full of fiber—only good for juicing and fermenting in the yard. So during this “fall” season we pick up rotting fruit. The leaves drop in “summer” dry season.


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This past MININFAD Seminar focused on effective discipline strategies for church and home, plus dynamic praise and worship with kids. Special thanks to the team from Ministerio Infantil Semillero Del Rey, along with our faithful national volunteers. Visit our Facebook page for a short video of the fun we had while learning!


Following a vigilia (prayer vigil service) until about 3am the night before, these teachers and children came to learn some of the best ways to lead children in praise and worship. And they were still smiling after the seminar. I just wanted you to meet who I consider some of the heroes of Panamá kids ministries. Thanks for praying for these and all our leaders and children here in Panamá.


In July we welcomed the team from NPLAD (North Pacific Latin District of the Assemblies of God, mostly Spanish-speaking churches). During the day they helped toward finishing the tile floors and drop ceiling in a building at our national campground in San Carlos. In the evenings they ministered powerfully in the Holy Spirit at several churches in the interior of the country.


The final church service was particularly memorable. While team leader Lee Ramos preached of healings, miracles and deliverances they had witnessed on previous missions trips a bat was circling around inside the sanctuary. I heard team members behind me praying earnestly. During the altar service following the message one young lady was praying for God to heal her from seizures she had suffered since childhood. As the rest of the team prayed around her she began to manifest demonic possession. She writhed on the floor and soon rolled rapidly until she reached the wall. After an extended intense time of praying in the authority of the Name of Jesus, she was delivered, got up and hugged everybody.


During the pastor’s closing remarks the bat that had been circling seemed to lose strength and finally landed in the altar area. It tried to fly but couldn’t, so it began walking straight towards me seated in the front row. I lifted my toe and once it was under my foot, I stood up, spun around and crushed it. Immediately Romans 16:20 came to mind: “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Of all the dramatic events that night, the most poignant memory is young Lissette’s look of profound relief on her peaceful face. She was finally set free.


The NPLAD team’s  provision for the work and passion for the Lord were a huge blessing to us here in Panamá. Our thanks to all!


Immediately following the week with the team I went back out to the campground for our annual Minister’s 2015 Retreat with the theme: "¡Mucha Tierra por Poseer ~ Much Land Remains to Possess!" Our guest speaker Rev. Jimmy Salazar, AG Superintendent from Ecuador, began his series of messages with the challenge: “who is going to reach the 200 Panamanian children who were born yesterday, and the 200 more born today, and the 200 who will be born tomorrow?” In my heart I shouted our slogan: “¡niños alcanzando niños ~ kids reaching other kids!” We recognize it is a daunting task. More importantly we affirm our God is able to empower us, His people, to do it!


Last month we welcomed Celina home for awhile before returning for her Senior year at Pepperdine. To our pleasant surprise, Chloe and her roommate Susie were able to make a spontaneous trip to Panamá for a few days they had free. Susie and Yvonne held babies and fed toddlers at the orphanage several times. Mostly we enjoyed being together. It was almost a complete family reunion.


Speaking of, Tony also will be here at Christmas break! He has enjoyed lake life while interning for the missions pastor at a church in Minnesota this summer. Recently he visited Wisconsin for a summer camp serving as a Jr. High counselor and guitarist in the worship band.


On the first day of the last year of high school Gracie and her Senior class started the day off with a special breakfast (thanks to Yvonne and Celina) and prayer before decorating cars and then heading off to school in a big caravan.


My Bible reading this past week put me in Jeremiah. God called him to be a prophet before birth, and launched his ministry while still a youth (read Jer. 1:4-10). What God said to encourage Jeremiah, we want to apply to the world-changer kids here in Panamá:


Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’;

for to all to whom I send you, you shall go,

and whatever I command you, you shall speak.

Do not be afraid of them,

 for I am with you to deliver you,

declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 1:7-8 ESV   


Yours for Them,


Kirk & Yvonne


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