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Dear Friends,


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Last month we invited our national volunteer team for a dessert fellowship meeting. We really appreciate these faithful leaders and the many others involved in Panamá kids ministry. We had a great evening of prayer and fellowship. Please continue to pray for them and us!


As we posted on Facebook, Yvonne (pictured promoting the event beforehand) and I helped with translation and logistics for the two day Empowered to Connect conference live stream from Texas Christian University's Dr. Karen Purvis and team. Powerful teaching, inspiration and testimonials of how developing connection with children helps them cope and come out of trauma and abuse situations in a more healthy way. This preparation for foster/adoptive families is a pressing need now in Panamá with passage of the law speeding along the process. As institutional care becomes less desirable the Body of Christ must step up and become family for the widows and orphans. Pray for wisdom and direction for us and for a growing awareness of the need for our churches.


I recently met with a sectional pastors monthly meeting to promote our monthly kids ministries seminars. I was pleasantly pleased by the response of several pastors who themselves want to attend, and others who will send their leaders.


One interesting novelty I've discovered on return to Panamá this time is the increased use of WhatsApp messaging service. It's like Messages for iPhone, but works across all platforms via WiFi or cellular data network. Best, it's free for most, a real advantage for our pastors. If you use WhatsApp, feel free to message me at +507 6077-4456.


Since I don’t know where else to insert this: Thanks for praying for Immigration paperwork. After an initial rejection, all our documents have been accepted and we are in process towards a missionary visa.


Last week after announcing upcoming seminar in the Panamá zone ministers meeting I got to hear from a former Bible Institute student who will be a future missionary to India. Daira R. feels God’s call to return to India, where she has visited before, to get to know the people, culture and churches in order to start a children’s church ministry. Please pray for her while preparing and raising funds. She represents answers to your prayers years ago while we were teaching third year Bible Institute missions students.


Please continue to pray for her and others like Daira, as well as for these upcoming events:


This weekend is the national Leaders and Deacons Reatreat at San Carlos campground. I’m not leading anything, but will join as we all meet with Jesus in prayer, worship and instruction. Plus I plan to meet with pastors and leaders organizing upcoming events and US team visit.


Next weekend is the monthly children’s ministries leaders seminar in Panamá City. We invite your prayers that we might motivate and prepare leaders who will in turn help their children know Jesus more and help their friends come to know Him.


In studying the Patriarchs the phrase “the LORD was with Joseph…” appears during Joseph’s time as a slave in Potiphar’s house and later while in jail after being falsely accused (Gen. 39). It is the reason given for the companion phrase “…and the LORD prospered all that he did.” I desire that dynamic to exist in my calling and ministry. While meditating on the text, the Holy Spirit reminded me that when Jesus called the Twelve it was first and foremost “so that they might be with Him…” (Mark 3:14) and then go out and do ministry. Ministry tasks, such as financial reports, team logistics, preparing teaching seminar, and even writing this e-Mailer, attempt to crowd out my primary calling, which is to be with Jesus. When He is with us, His work falls into place in our lives.



Kirk & Yvonne


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