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Dear Friends,


Warm end of summer greetings!


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From Kirk:

Thanks for praying for the Assemblies of God Centennial celebration last month. As I mentioned last e-Mailer we had the privilege of helping out our Panamanian delegation: Pastor Ivan Ríos Sr., his wife Itzel and son Ivan Jr. They toured National Leadership and Resource Center AGHQ and found the Panamá flag! The Global Church Planters summit was held prior to the Centennial. Pastor Ivan told me it moved him powerfully. That night he stayed up praying until 2am in the Evangel U. dorm room.

The five days of the Centennial also inspired and motivated our family with powerful preaching, modern miracles and martyrs, great worship, along with poignant retrospective stories of unsung heroes of the past century. I encourage you to view the sessions from the video archives page. It's a great way to inspire and challenge one another to pray and live with an expectancy for a new move of God with even greater impact around the world over the next 100 years!
Panamanians with past & present missionaries to Panamá capture the moment #AG100


I was especially blessed to bump into Brother Loren Triplett, former Ex. Dir. of AGWM. He advocated for us to be accepted as missionaries in the first place. He dedicated baby Chloe at our School of Missions. For many years he provided inspiring and wise missionary leadership in Latin America and later the world. We love this man of God!


You can see more of our candid photos of #AG100 on our facebook Missions page. Visit and like the page to receive our periodic missions updates.


During this itineration extension until January 2015, we have been introducing ourselves to the ministers of the Southern Missouri district at sectional meetings, and visiting area churches. Thanks to many of you for the warm Ozark reception. Recently we met Sister Grace, 94 years young, at National Avenue AG with Pastor Jim Cookson. Since we had given her a prayer card with our picture, we asked if we could take a picture to pray for her. May God give us her enthusiasm and love for the Lord!


We are very grateful to the Lord--and to so many of you--to report continued progress in our fund-raising. Currently we need about $3000 more in the cash budget and $450 more in monthly support. I have been told that some pastors and churches like to be “over the top” kind of supporters—the ones who help put the missionary across the finish line. If that is you, we can help you out. We’re down to the last few months, so… Okay, forgive my corny attempt at humor. Seriously, we appreciate your prayerful consideration of either one-time or monthly support for our ministry to the kids of Panamá.


From Yvonne:

Last month we took a quick trip to Panamá to clean out the Bible School deposit where our belongings are stored. As we reported last year the air conditioning cord caught on fire and most of our stuff was damaged by the smoke. God gave us the strength to sort through furniture and boxes, photograph and log details for the insurance claim, then clean up and paint the room. That’s the bad news.


The good news is that the morning it caught on fire an off-duty fire fighter just “happened” to be walking by the Bible school and saw the smoke. He called the fire department who quickly came and put out the fire. If that firefighter had not been walking by that morning the whole Bible school building could have been destroyed, along with the high school students who meet there during the day. Praise God for His protection!


On so many fronts, we thank God that He is fighting our battles for us.


Moses spoke to the people: "Don't be afraid. Stand firm and watch GOD do his work of salvation for you today. Take a good look at the Egyptians today for you're never going to see them again. GOD will fight the battle for you. And you? You keep your mouths shut!"

(Exodus 14:13-14 MSG)


Yours for Them,


Kirk & Yvonne


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