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Dear Friends,


Greetings in Jesus!


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World Cup fever is here in Panama as well as most of the world, where soccer is the #1 sport. It ended this afternoon. Congratulations to Spain!


We scheduled this weekend’s KidsQuest Crusade in “24 de diciembre” around the World Cup final--or else we wouldn’t have had anyone in attendance! For this remote neighborhood attendance was great yesterday, the first day, over fifty children. They were enthusiastic and motivated to bring new visitors for a chance at winning prizes. Here you see some of that fruit with the kids today praying at the altar to receive Jesus, many of them first-time visitors.


Last month we hosted, along with missionary Terry Rosch, the terrific youth Ambassadors in Missions (AIM) team from North Carolina. They impressed us with their great attitudes, hard work, and well-prepared ministry programs. Pastor Ashley Penley and his leadership team did a great job with these 25 members. Our three kids joined the team serving as translators.


They ministered with three Panamanian congregations reaching out to their respective communities doing values-based public school assemblies, Book of Life distribution, service projects helping beautify the campuses, plus open air evangelistic programs in neighborhood parks. Each night they ministered powerfully in the local church and built close friendships. The final night was the unofficial “Americas Cup” soccer tourney between the Panamanians and the gringos in the church parking lot. You can guess who won...


We’d like to introduce you to Karly Bothman, seen here with Gracie and Celina on their beach day before the team came. Karly stayed with us for a couple weeks and joined the AIM team as a translator/team member. Her Mom, Krista, was one of Yvonne’s high school friends and also one of our bridesmaids. Krista and I go back even farther having played together in jazz band starting back in Junior High.


This picture of Yvonne and I has a story. She had gone to church early for worship team. I came later in my new Father’s Day clothes. When we met up at church, we discovered that we were perfectly matched, so we had to get a picture.


* Chloe is finishing up her five summer intensive classes at Evangel University and will have to say "goodbye" to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club where she worked this summer. We're really looking forward to spending time with her in Panama for 3 weeks later this month!


* We told you Anthony and Celina won school elections for President and Vice President respectively. And as he campaign-promised, he buzzed his hair! Here’s the before and after look.


This past week, Anthony had all four wisdom teeth pulled.  Praise God it went well.  He has a good excuse for drinking smoothies and watching DVD's for the next few days.


Celina celebrated her 16th birthday on the 6th and received her purity ring as is the tradition we started with Chloe.  We enjoyed a family birthday together complete with dinner and the movie,"Toy Story 3".


Gracie, Celina and Anthony helped translate for the AIM team we had with us.  They were a big help and built some great friendships with the team and new Panamanian friends during those 10 days.


We appreciate your prayers for the following:

- Annual Minister’s Retreat is the end of this month.

- Next KidsQuest Crusade will be in Bambito in Chiriqui Province coordinated by Edilma de Villarreal.

- I’m teaching Missions every Monday evening at Bible School.


We are keenly aware of the great sacrifice that many of you make to support our ministry to Panama’s children. We appreciate you and trust that God will richly bless you.


We are also keenly aware, unfortunately, that donations have dropped off the first half of this year. Our work budget is approaching the red line of $0. As prayer and finance partners with us, we let you know this so you can pray with us and possibly consider a little extra contribution this month as the Lord enables you. Thank you.


But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for possession, so that you might speak of the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; (1Peter 2:9 MKJV)


Yours for Them,


Kirk for all