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Dear Friends,


Happy 4th of July!Greetings in Jesus! And Happy Fourth of July!


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We started the month off with the wonderful Women's Ministries ladies of the South San Joaquin section who invited us to a rally in New Cuyama. We appreciate them very much for their project offering towards purchase of a new oven range to replace the one that died our final few months in Panama last year. Plus they gave us a beautiful handmade quilt. The salads and homemade desserts were delicious.

Another highlight this past month was the opportunity to join the terrific team of SoCal Kids Ministries at Camp Hartland for Summer Camp 2009 TRANSFORMED (Romans 12:2). It was our pleasure to be their guest missionaries. We led six sessions of the Journey Group "The Big Adventure -- Hear the Call." We got to know each other, talked about the steps we can take to hear and obey God's will, and prayed for that in each of our lives.

During the Wednesday afternoon Missions Experience each camper got to sample Panamanian food, play games, learn Spanish words, and see a video report of our KidsQuest Evangelistic crusades. Special thanks to them for the incredible BGMC offering they raised--over $1600! That will go to help purchase PowerMark evangelistic comic books that every Panamanian child receives when they attend our crusades.

As you can see, in our free time we had fun just hanging around...

Please pray for Pinecrest II camp (7/20-24/09) where we'll get to do it all over again with a new group of great kids and super staff! If your church is considering going, we highly recommend it! More info at

Also scattered throughout the month we got to visit churches in Wasco, Lancaster, Arvin, and Moreno Valley in California.

We are currently in Oregon meeting some pastors for the first time and renewing friendships with other long-time friends and supporters, and getting to see family. We've held missionary services in Corvallis and will visit Portland and Lyons next.

Concerning our cash budget, we now need $27,000 more. For the monthly support commitments we still lack a little over $900. Thanks to all of you who continue to support us and pray for us to raise what is still needed.

The decision was made for us to return to Panama in August. We are working to finalize plans and exact dates. Yvonne will travel with Anthony, Celina, and Gracie the first part of August to get them back into school. I will follow a couple weeks later after getting Chloe settled in again at Evangel U., and returning our leased car. Needless to say, we would especially appreciate your prayers in all the details (and headaches, ugh!) of an international move!

If you are asking yourself how we can go back without all of our budget raised, God bless you for your concern on our behalf! Well, we will follow up with the churches, pastors, and friends we've already made contact with this itineration year via VoIP phone and e-mail communication. Then we'll continue to make appeals to new churches, pastors, and friends for consideration of financial and prayer support.

As I said last month, no amount is too small (or too large!). Often as a missionary you'll hear us say, "We need the support or we can't go back." In this case, we are going back, but if we don't get the rest of the needed support, we'll have to limit our ministry expenditures significantly. We feel strongly that God will provide and sense a peace about the timing. Our three younger kids who are returning home to Panama are even more excited.

Chloe returns to Evangel U. in the fall, but meanwhile she's got a great summer job at the Cookie Crock grocery store. She worked hard pounding the pavement hunting for a job. One time while walking back from dropping off applications, she even stopped by a funeral home to ask if they were hiring! We are so proud of her persistence--it paid off.

Anthony is so glad we are returning to Panama sooner rather than later. He had been practicing and doing weight training with the high school football team for next fall. Even though he'll miss that sport, he's already looking forward to practicing cayuco (dugout canoe) to paddle Ocean-2-Ocean again through the Panama Canal. Here you see us hiking in to Butte Creek Falls, OR. I uploaded some beautiful scenic pictures to my Facebook page.

Celina is enjoying a visit from her best friend in Panama, Hannah, who has fit into our family quite nicely. In fact, Yvonne asked a group of children at church which one wasn't a "Jones," and Hannah fooled about half of them!

Gracie had a great time at camp and plugged into the team from Bakersfield Canyon Hills. Thanks to their girls and leaders for making her feel welcome. They even won Camp Champs!

Thanks for praying with us that God would order our steps, run our lives and grace us with His accompanying presence as we prepare to head back to Panama for our fourth term.

The steps of a good man are ordered by Jehovah; and He delights in his way. Psalm 37:23 MKJV

I know, GOD, that mere mortals can't run their own lives,

That men and women don't have what it takes to take charge of life. Jeremiah 10:23 The Message

God be with you. Grace be with you. 2Timothy 4:22 The Message

Yours for Them,


Kirk for all