Rabito de Toro Encendido ~ September 1997

PanamŠ City, PANAMA

On our Friday date today I felt like eating something typical Panamanian--rice, beans and some stewed meat or such. The water suggested Rabito de Toro Encendido, so I said OK.

The rice and beans came mixed together, which is what I do to them anyway. The steaming hot meat with sauce looked a little different. The tender, moist chunks fell off the bone easy enough, but the bone was what looked different. It looked like vertebrae from the back. So I dug in anyway.

After eating about half I asked the waitress about the meat, if it was pork. She said it was the highest quality beef from a bull. I asked if it was from the backbone. She said, youíre warm. So I asked, is it the tail? Yes! It had to be the fattest tail Iíve ever seen on a cow. But I kept eating and enjoying it.

The name Rabito de Toro Encendido means Burning Bull Tail. Itís really a popular Cuban meal, that they go crazy for in Miami, we were told. Usually itís served with a very hot spice in the sauce. Iím glad mine wasnít. Besides, hot & spicy is not Panamanian style at all. (Remember that Taco Bell went out of business here! :-( emoticon frown).

Kirk Antonio Jones
26 September 1997