LACC School La Felicidad camp, May 2000

I spoke at the mid-year camp retreat at the school. It's an opportunity for the children to get away from the school and have some special fellowship time with each other (see the balloon games) and with God.
I chose for the evening theme: "God's perspective: don't be tricked by Satan's illusions." The morning's teaching was on "Philadelphia—brotherly love."

At the end, when I was saying good-bye to the Director Dora, she told me about Andrés, one of the boys who by chance I had picked to participate in a skit. At his previous school the teachers had said he was uncontrollable. They recommended that she not accept him into their school, which was just beginning its second year.

She said to herself, "how can it be that Jesus can't transform a child no matter how troubled he might be?"

His parents left Andrés in the hospital when he was born. That's where he spent the first two years of his life, before being adopted.
During the extended prayer time, God really moved in Andrés' life, setting his heart free from many of the hurts and pains he held inside. The next day he told his teacher, "Teacher, I'm free! I'm free!" while touching his heart.

He participated in a skit modeling a character, which is something he never would have done before. When I spoke with him at the end, in his own words he said he felt peace and tranquillity from Jesus in his heart now.

Praise God for a changed life. Thank God for a Director who believes that Jesus still transforms lives.

Kirk Antonio Jones
Missionary to the Children of Panamá