2000 Celebration—Third World AG Triennial Congress, August 2000

Over 30,000 Assemblies of God people, including Superintendents and delegations from 150 nations, gathered in Indianapolis' RCA Dome to celebrate what God has done in two millenia and pray for vision for the future.

All of Panamá's missionary families were represented, along with our Superintendent, Lowell David and his wife Odilia. Pictured in front of the RCA Dome are Julio Valdés, Heriberto Camarena and Eric Cedeño, who was invited to minister in typical Panamanian style (complete with accordion) on the world prayer day.

Opening night service began for us with the foreign delegations parade, most in colorful, traditional costume. In the staging area there were 1500 participants--900 of them were other missionaries. I got to see some of our friends we hadn't seen in years!

The parade itself took more than an hour for us just to walk into the Dome to a standing ovation. Many people said that's what heaven's going to be like--different tribes, tongues and peoples all gathering together to worship Jesus!

rca_dome_outside_with_flag_and_3_panas.jpg /whole_crowd_inside_dome.jpg
eric_cedeno_2000_celebration.jpg panama_parade_delegation_with_flag.jpg
race_car_shop_with_us_4.jpg kirk_in_front_of_globe.jpg

If you missed it, check out the Celebration Chronical reports, images and audio at: " http://2000.agcongress.org/ " (without quotes).