Children's Concert El Rato Feliz, January 2001

We were blessed to be able to use our Christmas vacation to visit our families in Oregon. In particular we enjoyed being able to be with Yvonne's Dad, Ron Sheets, who is suffering with a tumor on the pancreas. Please join us in praying for him.

On arrival back in Panamá, I unpacked, washed clothes and then repacked for Panamá's Annual Business session for the week. The following week was to run around and prep last minute details for a Children's Concert that took place that Saturday. It was great.

Here are a few details on the concert…

* Purpose: 1. Raise awareness of children ministers 2. Present project of TV program and raise offering for production expenses

white_dress_dancers_with_sign.jpg * Name: El Rato Feliz sounds funny, I know, translated into English. "The Happy Time" isn't a title we'd probably put on a program in English. It was chosen by our National Committee, so I trust their taste. The core value being presented is that Jesus gives true happiness.

* "Children ministering to children" is the slogan of the National Children's Ministry, and that's what happened here. Nine different groups with over 50 children ministered in song, dance and poetry.

* Attendance: just under 600 children, moms and dads were there! PIN-PIN is a professional, well-known clown who got saved last year. He delighted and ministered with his antics and his testimony.

The day after the concert, I hopped a small plane to David, Chiriquí (near Costa Rica) for that zone's ordination service. We had attended Panama's zone service the Friday before. Our pastor at the LACC Guaymí school in Duíma, Cesar Rivera, was being ordained, so I really wanted to be there. Then the day following I drove back with our executives.

Edited: Thursday, March 29, 2001
Kirk Antonio Jones
Missionary to the Children of Panamá