Riverside Family Praise Fellowship
Panamá Missions Trip
15 - 26 August 2003

Itinerary and Photo Report below or W. J. Bennett Photo gallery (team photographer)
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Date Activity Location, Lodging, Etc.
Fri 15 Aug Arrival; Orientation Meeting Riande Airport hotel
   *driver stay at Joneses*
Sat 16 Aug Travel Panamá City to Duíma (8 hours)
   *park at Pastora Leandra, San Felix*
Duíma tents & sleeping bags
Sun 17 Aug Church devotional service; medical clinic; evangelistic services Duíma tents & sleeping bags
Mon 18 Aug Building Parsonage; evangelistic services Duíma tents & sleeping bags
Tue 19 Aug Building Parsonage; evangelistic services Duíma tents & sleeping bags
Wed 20 Aug Building Parsonage; evangelistic services Duíma tents & sleeping bags
Thu 21 Aug Travel Duíma to Concepción (2 hours);
Kids service & concurrent leaders seminar
Concepción Hotel Chaguira
Fri 22 Aug Visit and have lunch in either:
   1. Volcán mountain village;
   2. Las Lajas beach;
Church service
Concepción Hotel Chaguira (wash day)
Sat 23 Aug Travel Concepción to Panamá City (8 hours) Country Inn & Suites
Sun 24 Aug Church services in San Miguelito:
   9.30am Pastora Regina de Guizado
   11-11.30am Pastor Elías Chumo
Dinner: Rodiccio's pizza/pasta banquet
Country Inn & Suites
Mon 25 Aug Tourist Day:
   9.30am - Canal, theater
   11.30am - Ruins of Old Panamá
   1pm - Causeway, Bucaneros lunch
   3pm - typical tourist shopping
   7pm - Chloe's Sugar Party Dessert
Country Inn & Suites
Tue 26 Aug Departure  

Ministry contacts:

1. César & Ana Rivera, Duíma in Chiriquí province
These choice servants are the pioneer pastors of the church and directors of Latin America Childcare Good Shepherd school in the mountain village of Duíma.

2. Alfredo & Edilma Villarreal, (hm: 770-6080 ; chu: 770-6303) Concepción, Chiriquí
These lifelong, faithful servants of the Lord are some of our dearest friends. Edilma is our Rep. for Children's Ministries in Chiriquí. Alfredo is one of the pioneer pastors of the Assemblies of God in Chiriquí.

3. Elías Chumo (607-8707, msg: 234-3877) and Regina de Guizado (234-9487), San Miguelito district of Panamá City
Both are brave pastors working in very humble surroundings.
We've constructed a temple for Elías and Regina has been our Bible School student plus we've sent ministry groups to her home and church.

Emergency contact:

Kirk Antonio Jones
        Cell: 011-507-655-7989; Home: 011-507-279-1048; FAX: 011-507-260-1048
Pastor César Rivera
        Cell: 011-507-627-8968, 011-507-602-5363 (if no answer from Kirk's cell)

Date itinerary prepared: 8/13/2003 9:45 PM

Photo Report


mixing concrete

Isaí laying classroom floor

Duíma_bldgs_panorama.jpg panoramic view of new and old buildings in Duíma


Medical Clinic in Duíma

Mary doing lice treatment

Marie & Larry handing out toothbrush/paste with HealthCare booklet

Kirk with audio-video equipment

Elvin praying for the sick in Duíma

Group music ministry in Bugaba

Duíma Follow Up...eight years later!

2nd_hut_kids.jpg Miracle of the Second Hut - Part 2

We visited some of the nearby homes in Duíma. Halfway through our tour I realized we were in front of the same two houses from our first visit in 5/95 and reported in 4/96 newsletter under "The Miracle of the Second Hut." Feel free to visit Newsletter section to review.

The family in the first hut didn't want to speak because their 6-month old baby died the day before. The family in the second hut all prayed to accept Jesus. Now here's the continuation of that story.

You're looking at Samuel, Vielkita, Betsaida, Miguel & Darío in front of theirs, the second hut. All attend our school, church services and receive daily meals.

shrine_empty_lot.jpg At the first hut, Pastor César told us the mother had lost a couple more babies after the one that had just died when first we visited. He also told us that this family, and others, practiced a form of animistic religious tradition. They had received some books with strange hieroglyphic-type inscriptions. They believed they would be able to understand them by magic some day. After each death, Pastor César held a Christian funeral service for the child's family. As they became interested in the gospel, they wanted to get rid of their religious books. They burned them along with the chapel-shrine that had been used for their animistic traditions.

Since that event, the first hut family has had two new babies born, and live! That's the power of the Gospel Message of Jesus! César and his son César Abdías are standing in front of the empty lot that was the chapel-shrine.

(also reported in e-Mailer for 9/03)

Free Days

Bambito Hotel, Volcán, Chiriquí province

At the Causeway, Bay of Panamá City in the background

Chloe's $100 prize for one year sugar fast!


César & Ana Rivera family: Ana Saraí & César Abdías

Alfredo & Edilma Villarreal family (daughter Natalia), Concepción de Bugaba, Chiriquí province

Regina de Guisado, district of San Miguelito

Elías Chumo, district of San Miguelito

See also W. J. Bennett Photo gallery (team photographer).

Date report prepared: 8/31/03

Power Point presentation of 15 Duíma children needing a sponsor, plus more of the team in action.

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