Portland Christian Center SS Team

Pastor Dale Sies
Trip Plan - Schedule
20 Feb - 1 Mar 2003

Meal general plan:
breakfast - hotel
lunch - fast food
dinner - prepared by church/ministry (one meal w/ Jones family)

Th 20 AV 1:45pm AA #975
* prayer, settle into hotel, rest, dinner

Pastor Rolando Gomez

Fr 21
* AM orientation & rehearsal for kids and adult ministry
* AFTN visit IBAD (Bible School), LACC ofc, Concilio (AG HQ)--all same building; shop (if time--or tomorrow AM)
dinner at restaurant
* 5:30PM AV, canvass neighborhood, 7PM church service @ Chorrillo, Restoration Ministry, Cave of Adulam; Pastor Rolando Gomez (652-5741)
many drug addicts, emphasis: evangelism & consecration; Dale Sies preach
note: @ Templo La Fe, Pastor Simon will promote ESL classes beginning Sunday AM

Sa 22
* AM shop: (great cross-cultural experience!)
1. fruits, snacks, drinks for in-between meals
2. batteries--boom box
3. children's prizes, candy, etc. (if you don't want to bring it in luggage)
* AFTN Embera Indian "ghetto" church, Pastora Martina de Quinzada (237-0361 hm)
2PM meet @ Templo La Fe, canvassing, inviting children/adults
Embera children's evangelistic outdoor crusade, puppets, tracts,
(same time) Leader training
* PM Embera evangelistic adult service--keep it very simple & straightforward, special music, testimonies, Dale Sies preach? (I can if you'd like to rest)
dinner at restaurant or fast-food afterward

Su 23
* AM SS: ESL class #1 (two classes: under 12, over 12) @ Templo La Fe, Pastor Simón Gonzalez (652-9272, 231-1783 T., 231-9813 hm)
church svc @ Templo La Fe, special music, testimony, Dale Sies preach
* AFTN site-seeing/ rest-hotel
dinner @ church
* PM church svc @ Templo La Fe, special music, testimony, Kirk Jones preach

Pastor Raul & Felicidad Pacheco

Mo 24
* AM ESL class #2 @ Templo La Fe
* AFTN Alcalde Díaz, Teen Challenge center Pastor Raul Pacheco (698-9312)
tour (Baptist) camp, project: painting
dinner @ Teen Challenge Center.
* PM church svc @ Teen Challenge center (*bring flashlights--no electricity! boom box with batteries), ministry: puppets (be ready in case there are many children) special music, testimony, Dale Sies preach
emphasis: consolation & consecration for former drug addicts

Tu 25
* AM ESL class #3 @ Templo La Fe
* AFTN visit "Juvenile Hall" home for delinquent children, puppets, games, prizes, evangelistic devotional--Kirk Jones
* PM dinner with Joneses: home or restaurant?

Centro Nueva Vida (New Life Rehabilitation Center) We 26
* AM ESL class #4 @ Templo La Fe
* AFTN Felipillo Centro Nueva Vida (New Life Rehabilitation Center), Pastor Victor Rivas (626-3618, 216-3719 wk, 267-5862 hm)
tour facilities, project: paint
* PM church svc @ Felipillo Criminal Rehabilitation Center
ministry: special music, testimony, Dale Sies preach
emphasis: dedication & consecration for ex-convicts

For the adventurous, you can try bull-riding after dinner!

Kirk greeting our after dinner entertainment!

Th 27
* AM ESL class #5 @ Templo La Fe
* AFTN 1PM meet Pastor Lucas Cerrud (262-0264 wk, 295-0019 hm) @ Concilio
travel 3 hours in car, 15 minutes walking to Chiriguí de Penonomé
canvass neighborhoods
dinner: bring sack lunches (plan a few extra for Pastor Lucas and other leaders)
* PM church service, canvassing neighborhoods, doing a kids' presentation, tracts, sharing testimonies and an evangelistic message, Dale Sies preach

Fr 28
* AM rest
* AFTN shopping, Canal, touristy stuff
* PM farewell church svc @ Templo La Fe, ESL presentation, Dale Sies preach

Sa 3/1 LV 12:36PM AA