Preaching Missions Convention at Hosanna ~ October 1997 #2

Panamá City, PANAMA

I preached at Hosanna Missionary Community for their missions convention.

The message was about the boy who gave his bread and fish to Jesus for the feeding of the 5000. At the end of the message, during the altar call, many children came forward and even up onto the stage. Along with them came a middle-aged woman.

She wanted me to pray for her. Even though she is not a child in my eyes, she said, she is in God’s eyes. As I laid my hands on her forehead and started to pray, she stumbled backward and fell in a sitting position with her back striking right up against the corner of the coffee table on the platform. Horrified, I hurried back, very conscious of the 2000+ people that must be staring straight at us. Actually they probably were praying themselves. I caught up with her again, and helped her to lay down all the way. She had such a contorted expression on her face it looked as if she was in pain.

I thought, Oh great! I pray for this woman and now she’s fallen and broken her back or cracked a rib. Now she’s going to sue us and who am I going to blame? God? "I didn’t do anything. Honest. It was God!"

I left her praying, tears rolling down her cheeks. After she was done and sat up, I went over to help her to her feet. I aplogized for not catching her and asked how her back was. She said she felt wonderful and didn’t even feel a thing from the table. A tingling sensation was passing all through her body, especially in her hands.

I was doubly grateful--that she wasn’t hurt at all, and that God had given her such a special touch of His presence.

Kirk Antonio Jones
12 October 1997