Pomona Valley Life Center Team works in Duíma, July 2000 #2

Youth Pastor Lane Hastie returned to Duíma with a new team of enthusiastic hard-working people from Pomona Valley Life Center. The team included his father and Senior Pastor, Rev. Phil Hastie.

carrying block They worked at finishing the second classroom building by replacing the tin walls with blocks.The team members had great attitude. That was reflected in their willingness to identify and get involved with the people, even though they didn't speak Spanish or the Indian dialect.

This willingness to help is reflected in the fact that to date, four new children are sponsored with LACC thanks to this team.

Also thanks to their sacrifice and provision of funds for construction materials, the classroom will be finished to perfection, plus construction has begun (at time of writing this report) on a much-needed office and storage addition.

Chloe came along with the group. It was her first time to Duíma. Plus, it was probably her first time to "rough it." She proved to be a real trooper.

She faithfully pumped filtered water and then delivered it to us. She helped in the kitchen, handing out food. She even helped giving lice treatments to the village children. After the evening services she accompanied little Miguel home every night, with a few other team members.

After spending time in Duíma with the Ngöbe-Buglë people (Guaymí), I was pleased, though not surprised, to hear Chloe express deep appreciation for her house, room, bed, clothes, etc. "Miguel has to sleep on the ground," she said, "and in a hut made of sticks and palm branches."

Back in Panamá metro area, the team presented the gospel by drama, music and testimony in four public schools in one day. They gave each student a gift copy of El Libro de Vida (The Book of Life) from the international ministry of Book of Hope. There's one edition for primary and another for secondary students.

We worked with Rev. Simón Gonzalez, pastor of Templo La Fe (Faith Temple) and Vice Superintendent of the AG in Panamá (and my travel buddy on our monthly ministry trips to the interior). His youth leaders helped coordinate beforehand and spoke at the school rallies with us.

This special effort helped the ongoing ministry of this local church. One of their youth ministry leaders has regular meetings with students from one of the high schools we visited. It allowed the students to see him as a member of an international ministry.

On the final day of ministry the team joined with Pastora (lady Pastor) Martina de Quinzada. She is a worker from Templo La Fe that has started a church plant among the Emberá Indian people living in the City of Panamá. The Emberá people are originally from the Darién province, near Colombia, where most still live. Many have moved to the Panamá City area of Cerro Batea adentro, a village in the poor district of San Miguelito.

The team members canvassed the neighborhood, inviting children and young people to the basketball court. At the meeting they handed out evangelistic literature to each one. Plus we gave Pastora Martina a set of six Bible storybooks for her children's ministry. On behalf of the grateful Emberá children and their Pastora, we thank all of you who made this donation possibly by your support in prayer and finance for Light for the Lost literature.

Many children responded to the gospel that day. Pastora Martina de Quinzada is continuing the follow up, as is Pastor Simón Gonzalez and his youth leaders with the public school students.

Many thanks to the PVLC team members for blessing Panamá and blessing us!

Kirk Antonio Jones
Missionary to the Children of Panamá