Children’s Ministry Preparation Schools via video

Panamá City, PANAMA
July 1998

One area of ministry I just want to mention are our "Children's Ministry Preparation Schools" we are holding once a month at the Bible school. Comments from the teachers and children's ministry leaders range from "this is what we have been praying for" to "where have you been?" Our national Children's Ministry Committee heads up teaching responsibilities, with invited pastors/professors as guests. For the rest of the year we are focusing on

An area that I would invite you to join me in prayer is expanding the impact of these "schools" in the rest of the country. Travel is time-consuming and costly, so we are going to video tape our 3 hours of once a month instruction, inspiration and interchange of ideas. Then we'll send them to key locations where we are right now organizing committees of committed children's workers and they will reproduce the same "Preparation school" among their people. Pray for the organizational details--that's the rub. Thanks.

Kirk Antonio Jones