New Testaments for Cuban Kids ~ December 1999

Panamá City, PANAMA

Light for the Lost helps send Bibles to children in Cuba

Ruth Argüelles is a secretary and a children’s worker at Hosanna Missionary Community church, our largest Assembly of God church in Panamá City.

One day she called me to tell me about a "problem" she had. A brother in her church had given her the name and address of a child in Cuba who wanted an evangelical Christian to write to on the outside. Kind of like a pen pal. She has a big heart for all children, so she sent a letter of encouragement with Bible verses and things that would be interesting for children.

To her surprise the letter was passed around to many other children in Cuba. She found that out when she started receiving their letters. Many letters included beautifully drawn pictures. Others included painful stories of abuse and neglect by parents. She responded to each one, until the responses multiplied to over 50 children who corresponded with her.

Her "problem" was that the children were asking for Christian reading material--Bibles, coloring books, tracts.

Thanks to funds from LFTL, 50 slim, lightweight New Testaments in Spanish were bought from the Bible Society. The children have expressed their incredible gratitude at being able to read their own Bibles now.

Kirk Antonio Jones