Jones Journal Monthly e-Mailer for November 2003

Duima_100_promo.jpg Dear Friends,

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We've been praying for the fires in Southern California, where many of our family and friends are. In fact, last night Celina prayed that God would send rain like we get here in Panamá! Even with the mild downpour I see outside my office window now, that would do the trick and be a miraculous sign that only God could do!


I wrote last month's e-Mailer while touring Panamá with Pastor Michael Etteddgue and Aaron and Allen. We enjoyed a great visit with these friends we made during deputation while living in Arroyo Grande. Feel free to visit the photo report in the Teams section on our website and click "Pastor Michael Etteddgue."

I joined with Pastor César Rivera at the church where his mother is the pastora for a Centenario celebration combined with an appeal for local support for the school up in Duíma. I helped with the video presentation. Several nearby churches brought their members to enjoy musicians doing typical interior (country) style of music.

Chloe_CR_b-ball_tourney_2003-10.jpg In case you were worried, it was another "Kirk Jones" who went over Niagra falls. Missionary life hasn't sent me over the edge yet! But I sure appreciate any extra prayers that had my name on them.


Chloe was invited to join Balboa Academy's High School team at a tournament in Costa Rica. It proved to be a stretching experience for her--they lost all their tournament games, but did win a consolation match. She was named her team's MVP.

Another time at school, she prayed with a girl to receive Jesus. She has brought her over to the house and to youth group.
Anthony is playing flag football with his buddy and fellow MK Trevor, shown here on the left at Anthony's 11th Birthday party. Steven's at right and Garrett's standing (sorry about the crop job, Garrett!) Anthony wanted you to know they are all wet from a water fight (that his dad started.)

For the school Centenario celebration Yvonne led Celina's 3rd-4th grade class singing Panamá's national anthem and the worship chorus adapted to say "My Desire is to see Panamá worship You!" It was a special Holy Spirit moment. We trust God touched all the parents and government officials present.

Gracie over-heard that Panamá doesn't celebrate Halloween (not as much as in the US), so she asked us in a very concerned voice, "Do they celebrate Christmas in Panamá?"

We dedicated the recently remodeled office--converted from a kitchen. It is designed for multi-use: daily by our secretary Dallis Quiñones, myself and other committee members; monthly for seminars up to 50 people; and other meetings as needed. Thanks to supporting churches and individuals for providing this ministry resource. Pictured are Ruth Steele praying for Kirk, Fani de Quinzada (meet her in Panamanian Profile in our Christmas newsletter--now online), Manuel Miranda and Ana Tajú. In foreground is Flori Pino of Royal Rangers. Our secretary Dallis Quiñones asked me to be sure and let you know she was there, just out of camera range, serving at the refreshment table.


Our hearts are heavy for two families here who lost a grandfather in one and a teenage son in another. Please pray for God's strength and comfort for them.

Don't stay far away, Lord! My strength comes from you, so hurry and help.
Psalm 22.19

God bless all!

Yours for Them,

Kirk for all