Jones Journal Monthly e-Mailer for October 2003

Dear Friends,

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Kirk_painting_MI_ofc.jpg Ministry:

I hate obviously posed pictures. Here is one. I wasn't painting our remodeled Children's Ministries office all by myself. We hired a Christian contractor, Abel Rivera, who did a fine job. What used to be a cage in the corner of a cafeteria now has walls, linoleum, new lighting, a/c, paint, tables and chairs. In fact, tomorrow morning will be our first training seminar in the "new" office. Our secretary Dallis is especially happy to have a quiet, cool place to work.

I'm penning (most of) these words in Boquete, Chiriquí province while here with our friends Pastor Michael Etteddgue, Aaron Bull & Allen Granski from Pismo Beach, CA. This is the coffee region of Panamá--which Aaron's interested in. That means it's cooler--which I'm interested in. They have ministered in several churches in Panamá and here last night, plus our LACC Duíma school-church, and chapel for Anthony & Celina's school.

Etteddgue_et_al_with_Alvarez.jpg It's been a blessing to have them with us and refresh our friendship begun last year in deputation. They have shared inspired words from the Lord for the pastors and congregations. Pictured here with Apostle Edwin Alvarez of Hosanna, Panama's largest church. We visited Duíma to take some student pictures. Also, I wanted to see the construction progress on the parsonage that the team from Riverside Family Praise Fellowship helped to fund. Soon I'll put up more pictures and a report in the Teams section under both their page and Pastor Michael Etteddgue's page.

We're happy to report that Pastor César and his family are in the house, but it's not done yet. It lacks a floor and roof for one-third of it, plus plumbing, electrical, and a few interior walls. If you'd like to donate, it's project # 7513, AGWM, 1445 Boonville, Springfield, MO 65802.

beach_rock_CACG.jpg Family:

Today (10/1/03) I'm thinking of Yvonne & Chloe even more than I normally would on a trip. That's because they also are on a trip--to Costa Rica. It's a basketball tournament. Yvonne is the chaperone for Chloe's team.

They return Sunday 10/5. I hope to get this e-Mailer to you by Friday 10/3, so you can at least pray for the final games and a safe trip home. Chloe was nervous about playing well. Yvonne was concerned about the responsibility of traveling internationally with 8 girls. You can visit the host school's website to see Tourney updates.

All the kids are doing well in school, with the occasional "oops! I've got a test tomorrow!" right before bedtime. They're shown here at high tide--the waves were crashing up onto the rock they're sitting on--on a youth beach day with other church kids.

Gracie_blowing_candles.JPG This past month Gracie turned 5! And then turned into Spiderman. It was definitely a theme--as you can see here in her costume. I wish we could have captured her on video with the whole suit plus gloves that made noise when she slung her web!

Gracie was wrestling with Daddy while he's watching football with the guys, "I'm going to kill you!" she said. Absentmindedly I answered "OK, just don't hurt yourself." I didn't realize it was funny until they all started laughing.


* Remember Billy, our car-washing friend? He gave us a stray cat. The kids named her Kiwi. Since we seemed so happy he wants to bring us another one! Please pray he won't, but that he will get saved.

Thank you for praying and supporting our ministry. I want to extend a special thanks to any of the 1500+ Minute Men/Women who, 13 years ago, promised to pray for us a minute a day when we were first preparing to go to Panamá.

¡Ojo! That's "eye" in Spanish and means "look" at what follows:

Please let us know any e-mail or address changes. We receive bad address e-mail bounces with no way to get the new one. We'd sure like to be able to stay in contact with you.

Anthony's memory verse for this week makes a great closing Scripture passage:

(Joshua 1:8 The Message) And don't for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you'll get where you're going; then you'll succeed.

God bless all!

Yours for Them,

Kirk for all