Jones Journal Monthly e-Mailer for August 2003

Dear Friends

Greetings in Jesus! If you'd like to read this e-Mailer with photos, or see past issues, click on "Ministry" at This includes updates on ministry, family, praise and prayer.

Let me work backwards, beginning with tonight, to highlight some of the past month's ministry and family activities.

* If you'd like something to pray about, put Rio Abajo (Lower River) on your prayer list. I returned earlier tonight for the second service in this "red zone" neighborhood for a VBS-style street meeting with Brother Dionitis from Catedral de Vida church outreach. The kids were responsive yesterday, but we really wanted to see the Lord get ahold of them before they end up like the drunk that staggered through inches from my nose while we preached/shared yesterday.

Chiriquí_3_polleras.jpg It took them awhile to warm up to us, but eventually they were crowded all around. They listened and repeated the Memory Verse from 1 Corinthians 15:57 CEV, "But thank God for letting our Lord Jesus Christ give us the victory!" They watched the video attentively, trying to ignore the passersby who walked in front of the projector shining out the back of our Speed-the-Light Caravan onto the building across the street. At least one boy paid attention to the lesson on "Conscience" by Rev. Dan Betzer, because after he went through the line to get some candy he gave it back, saying that it was his second time!

* In the Chiriquí province we celebrated the Encuentro Infantil (Children's Encounter) on Saturday 7/26, honoring Panamá's Centenario. Just shy of 200 children came together worshipping, celebrating Panamá's 100 birthday and showing their patriotism through song, poetry, drama, choreography and national costume.

hat-boys_game.jpg Our area rep. Edilma de Villarreal did a great job organizing along with the host church's children's ministry leader Maria Gonzalez as emcee. The three young ladies pictured are wearing the pollera montuna , the less formal style of national garb, while they performed an adorable choreography with three handsome little guys, two of whom you see with hats while playing the "Jonah" game outside--object is to *not* be eaten by the whale!

* Annual Minister's Retreat was 7/20-23. We were responsible for the Children's Ministry and hosting American guest speakers, Revs. J. Don George (TX), John Delgado (FL) and Maury Davis (TN), with whom it was a pleasure to spend a little time and get to know.

Chloe-AJ_catching_a_wave.jpg We included one free day and got Chloe and Anthony surfing lessons! Kowabunga, Dude! They loved it! It's not as easy as it looks, but they definitely want to do it again.

Celina was content to get wet and comb the beach for shells for future art creations. Gracie got inspired and made a snow angel, er, in the sand. Hey! It's the closest we'll get to snow here! Buh-doom-ching!
2003-07_beach_combing.jpg 2003-07_sand_angel.jpg
In ministry, the three big kids helped doing puppets, handing out snacks and mingling with the children. Yvonne led worship and games. Kirk and Manuel Miranda shared teaching duties. Plus we showed a few of the STAR videos from the new "Knowing God" series with host Rev. Dan Betzer.

Here you're looking at Ana Sarai Rivera, daughter of Pastor César & Ana Rivera in Duíma, during craft time at the Retreat. We'll be visiting her with a team next month! Plus Chloe and three pastor's daughters smile while doing crafts.
Ana_Sarai_drawing.jpg 3_girls_Chloe.jpg
* Teacher Training continues. Latest one was held at Jehovah Jireh church in Tocumen, on the way to the airport. As I mention in our August newsletter (which you can read online if you don't want to wait for your print copy to arrive), there's a great need for healing and ministry to families that lack a healthy father figure. That is a topic we are asked to address quite often.

* Celina celebrated her 9th birthday earlier this month, though the party was in June! She did have her art show, as we mentioned last month, but the cookies sold better than the art! In fact, Yvonne told me that one lady turned her car around and came back to buy another "Monster cookie." She is thinking about having a bake sale on our street! Don't laugh--three houses down they stand outside their home with fresh-baked bread and big smiles trying to sell to cars driving by!

If you received our newsletter a little while ago and wondered why it was a reprint of the 5/03 issue, you're not alone. We did too. The printer corrected the error and today the actual 8/03 issue was mailed out. Sorry for any inconvenience.


* During the past semester at Bible school, I met periodically with several IBAD students to discuss their Senior Project. Lina Baker's project is called "Imprints" children's ministries. I love that name. This Saturday we'll have the leader preparation seminar & we'll hold the Inaugural service on Sunday 8/10. Please pray for God's empowering of Lina and her leaders.

* The first Saturday of each month we hold our Children's Ministries Preparation seminar for the Panamá City area. I'd appreciate your prayers during preparation to make the training most effective for our leaders.

* 8/15-26 Riverside Family Praise Fellowship is bringing a ministry/construction team for Duíma and also Concepción, Chiriquí. Please pray for effective ministry by and for the team, and their leaders: Youth Pastor Keven Petty, Missions Coordinator Linda Botsford, and their pastor Darrill Sturgeon (who's not coming because as a former missionary to Africa, he says it's not really a "missions" trip unless you leave the continent...or hemisphere...or something like that!)

cherub-face.jpg I close with the little cherub face of Caroline, daughter of Leonel, who is now the AG campgrounds director. We first met when he was single, pastoring in Almirante , and we did a city-wide parade and children's crusade. Makes me feel kinda old, but mostly we feel grateful to be able to minister to these beautiful children here in Panamá. Thanks for your financial and prayer support.

Yours for Them,

Kirk for all